First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


My blog post contains the educational aspects and the love aspects of a millenials. And how this things gives the hindrances of the personal lives of a millenials.


Education vs Love

Can you exactlly determine how really love is powerful?How it really affects the education of the youth for today?And how education is important?What would you prefer?Education that you will surely commit your goals or Love that will win the heart’s that you wanted of?”

As one of the Millenials for today I found out how love distract your education and how education gives you the better future. Most of the millenials for today choose love rather than education. But it is not truly matters, what matters most is how smart you are. How smart you are to choose what’s best for you and to your future.

Most of the time many millenials want to go to school. They want their life to be better and to help their parents by showing them that they really wanted to finish studies first.

But as Love enters their life, a love for special someone or for their crushes that they really admires the most. Their mind set changed, because it divides into two which is their studies or their love. They cannot focus to their studies because love is now distracted.

Some things that they possibly do when choosing love over education.                     1. A dishonest attitude.                                 2. A rebel attitude.                                         3. An escape attitude.                                   4. Not doing their assignments.

Some love is good but too much is harmful. When you entered love you always knows your limits. That’s limitation will lead you to become a better person. Love is normal but its just a way to inspires you to give your best in your daily lives.

When choosing things always choose the best one and not to destroy you, not to harm you and not to distract you to be the better version yourself.